Scientific Hand Analysis is the Rosetta Stone of your Life Purpose

Hand analysis is a science-based, non-predictive technique that quickly identifies the foundational traits set before birth. Fingerprints are already formed in utero 16 weeks after conception. I will decipher and translate these revealing patterns and provide an individual's special gifts, qualities and tendencies within one session.

As an architect, I know the importance of environment. I hold for you a sacred space with tools that empower you to be at grace and ease in our sessions and on into your daily life. I hold that belief for you even if you've forgotten it yourself.  The gift of self-awareness is one of the greatest presents you can receive through hand analysis. 

I want to live in a world where gifted people are perfectly matched to their work environment and are respected for their worth. My goal is for companies to stop wasting money and losing precious time hiring miscasting their teams. I read the architectural blueprint that lives in each unique pair of hands in order to make successful decisions, achieve more peace, and help make more money. I will be in your corner so you confidently realize that you have precision help.



 Our sessions are built around the analysis of your full handprints and can be done in the comfort of your office or home over the phone, via web-based video or, conditions permitting, live at a mutually beneficial location. 

A single hour long session will quickly identify  talents, professional and personal preferences and inclinations. You will be  provided with a functional foundation for your life path based on the lines on both your hands.. A series of VIP mentoring sessions will achieve rapid success pinpointing, formulating and meeting your specific objectives — with me at your side.

One of my gifted clients describes a session with more clarity:

"Joyce started to make notes about the lines, fingerprints and hills on my hand and there was nothing out of the ordinary until she started interpreting all of that. By the time she was done I had this wonderful feeling as if someone had unloaded a huge burden from my shoulders. She told me the story of my life in such a way that it all started to make sense. It was as if she took me to where I could "see" it all — my life and all the decisions I made. I understood what was pushing me to make those decisions and most importantly I could clearly see what was truly in my heart and why those impulses were there. And for the first time in my life I understood WHY I always wanted to do certain things. I understood this longing to take certain career steps which I put aside because I was expected to be successful in a totally different vocation. The weight came off when I realized that the reason I came here was to fulfill exactly that which was carved as a guiding post right here, on my hands. Truly humbling!"

~Xenia Duranovic, Successful Entrepreneur

Maximizing Your Gifts

A Scientific Hand Analysis session will:

1. Help you resolve struggle with your most painful and expensive problems

2. Help move you from your pain point to where you want to be.

Whether finding professional or personal relationship contentment,  making decisions for the design of your own unique space, or identifying and resolving what's been keeping you up at night, I will help and support you.

Fascinating by-products of this work can be shedding excess weight and saying goodbye to self-doubt. You will feel a lightness and aliveness that you always imagined and hoped for when you realize your true calling in the architecture of your hands.

Joyce Orias, AIA - Your Sacred Space Visonary

Joyce Orias, AIA - Your Sacred Space Visonary


Why me?

 At one point, I was that suffering person! Although I have had a storied career and successful projects under my belt, I remained unsatisfied, I struggled with finding the secret sauce for making my world a better place than when I found it. What I discovered is that I'm not alone! It’s been an wonderous evolution and I am eager to share with you.

I am a visionary architect, Feng Shui consultant and scientific hand analyst. I know how to build projects from the ground up and I have the acuity to recognize and interpret the orientation of your environment and architecture of your hands. In my perpetual study and research, I have made it my priority to travel and to integrate the power and inspiration from the sacred sites of the world: Cairo, Giza, Athens, Rome, Dubrovnik, Santorini, Fez, Cusco, Sedona, Machu Picchu, and many more of the world’s major architectural energy centers.

Understanding the challenges of the corporate environment, I’ve run the business and commercial gauntlet and emerged with wisdom. Through my many profound professional and personal experiences, I have acquired the skill to help transform and guide you to hold your own sacred space.

Most importantly, I have been able to build my happiness quotient in life. I now help amazing, highly successful and talented people like you to uncover, design, and realize the path to optimizing your gifts. I invite you to join me and embrace your soul contract.