Spot On

Drastically more information than any reader I’ve ever experienced. The information was spot on and Joyce made it very enjoyable. I look forward to more in-depth sessions.

~ John Bear Inside, Choctaw Apache Elder & Spiritual Advisor  


A Huge Burden Lifted

Joyce told me the story of my life in such a way that it all started to make sense. I could clearly see what was truly in my heart and for the first time in my life I understood WHY I always wanted to take certain career steps which I put aside. The weight came off when I realized that the reason I came here was to fulfill exactly that which was carved right here, on my hands. Because I was so amazed, my husband, Scott, (a total nonbeliever in anything intangible) was curious enough to have his hands analyzed too. Truly humbling!

~ Xenia Duranovic, Successful Entrepreneur


Best of Who You Are

A truthful way to know and discover oneself, to be able to adjust and make the best of who you are. It’s a way to get to the right path and learn to enjoy life with less worries.

~ Cesar Ceballos, Licensed Architect


Astonishing, Deep & Personal

The depth of the reading is what amazed me more than anything else.  Joyce is an intuitive by nature, and combining that gift with the science of hand analysis, she provided astonishing information of a deep and personal nature. Her insight helped me understand some of my unique "quirks", uncovered some of my innate gifts, and helped me focus on what I still could be doing to further my path.  I actually feel as though a whole new set of possibilities have appeared at my fingertips.

~ Maureen Cozad, Health & Wellness Professional


Follow Your Dream

Joyce looked at my spontaneously stretched-out hand and her comments stunned me: she pointed out several things she could read from my hand lines without knowing anything about me; all were amazingly accurate and to the point. She explained various observations in a loving and caring way, and encouraged me to follow my dream to be a writer. I'm looking forward to meeting her again for a follow up session.

- D.Z.- Rewired Retiree


I Felt "Seen"

Joyce has a generous spirit that weaves its way into everything she does.  Her observations rang true and, at the same time, offered a deeper level of insight.  She provided some very specific and fruitful observations as well as more general and esoteric awarenesses to ponder.  I felt "seen" in the kindest and best way possible.

~ Mary De Jong, Steel Company Leader


My Talents Are Reachable

Wow, a stranger can walk up, look at your hand and know things about you that no one else knows and some things that I didn’t even know about myself! I learned that my sneaking suspicions of where my talents lie, are actually reachable, thanks to Joyce. 

~ Jackie B., Reiki Master


Enrich & Surprise

I have been doing well in my career and Joyce’s reading confirmed this. She also gave me some ideas for more pursuits to enrich my life even further, with a couple of surprises.

~ Trudy B., Realtor